1. I have paid online but the fee is still listed in my account.

There might be some delay in updating. If the problem continues, please contact us to review your payment.

  1. What should I do in a fault situation and how can I give feedback concerning the e-payments?

You can send fault notices and feedback to the following email:

  1. What if my transaction fails mid-way?

In such a case, please contact us (add phone – email)

  1. I registered for the conference but did not receive a receipt of payment.

To access a receipt of payment of your selected event, please contact us (email)

  1. I am no longer able to attend the conference. How do I cancel my registration, and will I receive a refund of the fees?

For information regarding the cancelation of registration and refounds, please check our Terms & Conditions and Refund Policies.

  1. How will I be notified for transactions and refunds?

We send an email and for each transaction or refund to your registered email.

  1. Do I have to pay VAT?

By law, we are required to charge VAT to the majority of the events. Nevertheless, the VAT is completely reclaimable after the event. For participants from the EU, it’s necessary to include your VAT number on the registration form. If you need more information about it, please consult with your accountant.