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R&D Focus

2020 marks the genesis of a leading-edge eon. Indisputably, it is time to revamp, redefine, and remodel business products and services to better suit this emerging era.



Urbanity 2030

URBANITY 2030 is a global event designed to bring together innovators and thought leaders from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to discuss connected futures in urban spaces.
We will welcome forward-thinkers from across multiple industries and sectors to engage in the discussion on what organisations, businesses and cities themselves are doing (and must do) in order to prepare for what is to come.

This three-day summit will offer attendees interactive workshop master classes, thought-pro-vokingkeynotes, unique case studies, a ‘City Safari’ field trip and plenty of opportunities to network and engage in conversations about subjects that truly matter.

Wise Summits

As we move into the 2020’s and the digital transformation agenda gains momentum, the role of finance leaders has never been more important. Not only do they need to tackle the ongoing struggle of managing costs, mitigating risk, all while improving the speed and accuracy of their processes, but now they need to plan for a digital future.  While the influence of tools such as RPA, AI, and Machine Learning (ML) may be alluring, leveraging these tools is a challenge that many businesses are not prepared for. Finance leaders need to plan and prepare their busineses for their implementation. Wise summit’s Intelligent Finance and Accounting endeavors to provide you with the information and connections you need to equip yourself to be an active participant in the Digital transformation.